Karuta OSP: A Cost-Efficient “Swiss Army Knife” to Prototype and Launch Your Innovative Projects

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The Karuta Team participated to the Sakai Virtual Conference November 2019.


Instructors often approach teaching and learning centers for technical support of their pedagogical initiatives. In many cases, there are no existing tools to support the innovation or a combination of tools for complex student-instructor interaction is required. To meet the needs of innovative faculty, teaching and learning centers fund and install new and expensive tools that may not fully answer instructor needs and take too much time to implement.

 Karuta OSP is the perfect environment to cut back on the cost and time of supporting innovative projects. Use Karuta to prototype a special course project, an accreditation requirement, a research project, or an on-line group portfolio. Use Karuta to easily construct an environment with multiple versions of a prototype leading up to a small pilot to ensure everything works as planned.

 In this presentation, we will demonstrate several simple and very different projects that could be accomplished easily with other tools: An innovative scaffold for learning, a class project for reviewing newspaper articles, a continuing education project, an advising portfolio to develop test taking skills, and an accreditation portfolio. Come see how your university can use Karuta to similar innovative teaching and learning needs.

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