From Theory to Practice: A Short (Visual) Story of Karuta OSP Supporting the Implementation of a Curricular Transformation in the Universities of France

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Under the leadership of the French Ministry of Education, French universities are encouraged to overhaul their curricula and adopt a program-wide competency-based approach. 

Instructors for each program will be asked to collectively build a comprehensive set of competencies and critical learning experiences. 

The competencies, along with the learning experiences that help students develop them, will be linked to course resources and job skills normalized in nationally available standardized RNCP files that list all the skills needed for a particular career. 

As part of the process, students will be asked to identify the competencies they most value and explore how their choices relate to the requirements needed for success in those careers. To put these ambitious goals on a solid operational footing is not an easy task.

Taking into account its experience with competency-based portfolios, the French Ministry of Education awarded Karuta OSP France with an important grant to support this process. This lightning talk will testify in a very visual fashion to the different steps taken in this project: We will document the requests of the curriculum experts representing the French Ministry, as well as concerns from teaching specialists, about the collaborative nature of instructor work, the need for a simple UI, the desire to present competencies aesthetically, and the need to link competencies to artifacts and reflections in student portfolios. We will also show the iterative nature of the process and how Karuta’s flexibility was key to support the complexity of the required redesign.


Link to the presentation slides

Link to the video

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