Building a Pandemic ePortfolio using the Karuta Open Source Portfolio 3.0 – ePortfolio Australia 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the landscape of higher education. Over a short period of time, courses have moved online with students being required to adapt to new ways of learning.

Although many tools have been used to enhance the student learning experience, many researchers have long advocated a more holistic, personal, and integrative approach. As eloquently presented by Jenson and Treuer (2014), learning should be put in a much broader context where courses, co-curricular activities, internships, work, and personal experiences, contribute to what are called 20th century lifelong learning skills (collecting, self-regulating, reflecting, integrating, and collaborating). 

The Pandemic ePortfolio is an illustration of this more integrative approach using Karuta 3.0, a simple and flexible open source ePortfolio tool supported by the Apereo Foundation. See how a simple yet powerful workflow has been designed to help students make sense of this difficult period.


Link to the presentation

Link to the video of the presentation


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