Guide students on their learning journey

Foster more reflective learning. Develop their academic and professional identity. Enhance their capabilities to assess their progress.

Gather evidence on the learning process

Share learning objectives and rubrics. Create assessment portfolios to collect instructor evaluations. Generate reports for course, program or institutional accreditation.

Design – Test – Run - Report

Build sophisticated portfolio workflows with a minimum of training. No coding required. Karuta is iterative. Design a portfolio, test it in faculty meetings, make changes, run a small pilot. With the report tool, generate individual or program dashboards and tables.

Join our community under the umbrella of the Apereo Foundation

Streamline your project by leveraging the community expertise. Share your results and ideas to improve the software. Form partnerships and strengthen the community.

Last posts from KARUTA Blog

The new Karuta 3.0 Pandemic ePortfolio – What have you done recently?
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The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the landscape of higher education. Over a very short period of time, courses have moved online with students being required to adapt to new tools and ways of learning. The on-campus experience has been … Read More

Accreditation Portfolios Made Easy: The Case of New Brunswick Theological Seminary
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This project is a good example of a simple but effective accreditation portfolio done with Karuta 2.4. Check slides: YouTube video:

Announcing the Release of the Karuta Open Source Portfolio Version 2.4.1
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The Karuta project, under the umbrella of the Apereo Foundation, is pleased to announce the release of version 2.4.1 of the Karuta Open Source Portfolio. Adopted by an increasing number of institutions, Karuta offers a simple and flexible way for … Read More

Karuta OSP: A Cost-Efficient “Swiss Army Knife” to Prototype and Launch Your Innovative Projects
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The Karuta Team participated to the Sakai Virtual Conference November 2019. Abstract Instructors often approach teaching and learning centers for technical support of their pedagogical initiatives. In many cases, there are no existing tools to support the innovation or a … Read More

Toward Competency-Based Programs as a Bridge to Career ePortfolios: Karuta Open Source Portfolio Use Cases from French Universities
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In this presentation, we will review several Karuta Open Source Portfolio use cases from French universities where students 1) Self-evaluate and receive evaluation of their skills development in learning activities; 2) Formalize and decode their academic and non-academic experiences; 3) … Read More

Apereo Virtual Conference – Configuring an ePortfolio for your Institution using Karuta
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Check this very useful presentation by Janice Smith Ph.D. given at the Apereo Virtual Conference, November 14 2017.  You will learn all the tips to a successful portfolio implementation. You tube presentation

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